Living Hope Children's Centers

An offspring of our innovative children’s homes, our Living Hope Children’s Center provides a platform for us to care for poor and disadvantaged children by day, feeding hungry tummies and nurturing young lives in a safe and loving environment.

In addition to regular meals which are prepared and served on-site, we offer other essentials on-demand, things like clothing for the truly destitute, and a level of first-aid medical care when needed. Our center is both a fun and loving safe-haven for children where they learn English along with other worthwhile teaching that helps to enhance and guide their spiritual lives. Our caregivers serve as positive role models, introducing the children to unconditional love and leading by example.

Our goal as we set up more Children’s Centers is that each will ultimately pave the way for an all-out children’s home in their respective locations, homes where orphaned and needy children can benefit from the type of full-time comprehensive care for which we are known.



Established in 2017, our Children’s Center in Langue, Honduras is the first of its kind for Living Hope International. Partnering with a caring organization called Getsemani in Langue, we launched our program with 40 precious lives entrusted into our care. We are delighted to be able to serve in a country where countless children live on the street and have no other hope for any kind of a future.

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