Village Aid Outreach

For more than 10 years, Living Hope International has rescued orphaned and abandoned children, bringing them into our children’s homes and training centers and giving them real hope for the future. However, there is only so much room available in our homes, and this is the reason Village Aid was created.

Our local outreach staff carries a great love for children in need—the kind of love that brings healing and renewed expectation to broken hearts, not only for the child but for his or her loved ones as well. Through the generosity of our partners, we’re able to take humanitarian supplies directly to the villages, items such as food, blankets, clothing and other essentials. But even more importantly, we take hope to these once hopeless lives, and it’s having a tremendous impact.

We have 200 children from different counties in China currently enrolled in Village Aid, and we’re growing all the time. Won’t you join us and help support this exciting and meaningful outreach program? You can make a one-time contribution of any amount, or better yet, sign up for an ongoing monthly donation to help bring hope and love to the poor and destitute. Please let us hear from you today!

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