Children’s Homes and Training Centers

When we hear the word orphan, most of us naturally picture a child living in an institution. But there are countless numbers of children who have no one to properly care for them, who are in desperate need but are ineligible to live in an orphanage. These children are defined as “social orphans.” They are often without one or both parents but are disqualified from state assistance because they have at least one living relative—and many times this is an older grandparent who is so poor or so ill that they cannot care for themselves much less for the child. Adequate food, warm clothing and the opportunity to go to school are only within the reach of their dreams.

For more than 10 years, Living Hope International has rescued these hopeless children. We pioneered a groundbreaking orphan care program that provides an unprecedented level of care. Offering more than just food, shelter and other basic essentials, we give our children a loving family environment and the tools needed to achieve their goals through education and career development. The idea of orphans becoming respected and valued members of society was a novel one in the beginning. We are still firmly committed to this goal, supporting our kids through the uppermost level of education they are willing to strive for. It’s a costly endeavor, but the rewards are amazing!



In 2005, Living Hope International opened the doors of the Great Wall Training Center in Beijing, a children’s home of recognized excellence. Later in 2008, we moved to a larger facility in Fangshan in order to provide better educational opportunities for our children. Then in 2014, it became necessary to move the children to a new facility because of a government mandate involving birthplace requirements and education. This facility is located in Shanxi as this was the area most of our children were originally from.


Our newest Hebei facility is located in a suburb of Beijing. Opportunities for education and employment are more prevalent near the capital, and we look forward to being able to provide our children in this area with more valuable learning resources for their future.


Our operation in Fuzhou started in 2004 in a wing of the Child Welfare Institute. Today our children enjoy family-style living in a beautiful five-story building constructed by Living Hope International. The structure consists of three-bedroom apartments designed to create family units with a single caregiver or a loving couple who can care for up to six children at a time.


In many cases, it is in the child’s best interest once he or she reaches high school for him or her to board at school. The same is obviously true for our students in college and university. The needs of our blossoming youth remain ours and we continue to shoulder financial and “parental” responsibilities. In such cases, the child’s sponsorship block will simply state “Attending school” in the appropriate country.

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