Living Hope Angels Tour

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

In some countries, orphaned children are ineligible to be adopted if they have even one living relative. In most cases, the relative cannot properly care for the children and they are left with little means to survive and no hope of a future. Our primary focus is to assist and educate these orphans who do not qualify for adoption.

To fulfill this purpose, we operate children’s homes that provide a loving environment, strong academics and character enrichment to orphans. With no parents to teach them manners or how to behave, orphans are severely scorned and ridiculed. Little attention is paid to their welfare, and traditionally they have not been considered valuable members of society. With our help, education and training, these children have the hope and promise of becoming valued citizens and the next generation of leaders.

Orphan care is an expensive endeavor, one that we cannot do alone, so each year a group of kids from one of our children’s homes comes to America as part of our Angels Tour. The purpose of the children’s visit is to raise funds and gain sponsorships so we can continue giving more orphans the hope of a bright future. We like to think of it as our little “angels” serving as ambassadors for the rest of their Living Hope brothers and sisters back home!


Seven “China Angels” will be coming to the United States for a four-month tour, tentatively scheduled from late-July to late-November 2017. They will be traveling to different states in the Mid-Atlantic region, visiting different venues to share their message of hope. This uplifting and lively program consists of a mixture of traditional Chinese dance, personal testimony, and also praise dances set to songs of worship. The presentation can range in length from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on each venue’s preference. This exciting tour puts a face to missions as we share the plight of orphaned and needy children. Audiences are always extremely blessed!

We would be delighted to be given the opportunity to share this special experience with you and your organization. Hosting these precious angels can consist of anything from providing a performance venue to offering them meals or a place to rest their heads for a night or more.

Contact Philip Lam at 215.540.8810 or with any specific questions you might have about this upcoming tour. If you’d like to donate today, your gift will be used to help cover the expenses of the tour. We look forward to hearing from you!

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