Living Hope International was started as a means to assist children who do not qualify for formal adoption in their native country. These children have either been orphaned or abandoned by their parents, and have been left in the care of relatives who are often elderly, infirm or otherwise unable to care for them. These “left behind” children are the focus of Living Hope International’s untiring and ongoing efforts.

Our work began by establishing children’s homes and training centers to provide a safe and loving environment in which our children can thrive and develop to their full potential. Most of our kids come to us from tragic backgrounds, facing an uncertain future with virtually no hope, but with the generous support of our sponsors, we’re able to meet their emotional, medical and educational needs—and beyond. Since our inception, nearly 195 children have been brought under our wing.

Our homes are designed to give children a sense of family and the stability that naturally follows. Adult caregivers act as parental role models and provide both a good example and positive influence. Our goal is to prepare our kids to be independent adults with strong moral character and good social standing. By seeing that each one receives a quality education—even through levels of higher learning in many cases—we are preparing them to take on positions of leadership in the future.

The number of children in need far surpassed the space available in our homes, so later we looked for a way to expand our outreach. Village Aid was born, and under this program, children remain with their relatives while receiving humanitarian assistance and emotional nurturing from members of our staff. This approach has enabled us to greatly multiply our impact because our reach extends not only to the children, but to their impoverished relatives as well.

Now with the addition of our newest project to feed and care for needy kids in Honduras, we look forward to serving more children than ever before. We hope you’ll browse our site and get inspired to join us in this rewarding mission!


To provide orphans and needy children with humanitarian relief, emotional nurturing and the opportunity for a brighter future through education and enrichment programs.


The first seeds of Living Hope International can be traced back to the experiences of a young man whose home was destroyed through the tragic loss of his father and a number of other family members. Left in a painful state of utter despair, a kind-hearted soul took a great interest in this young man, giving him hope for the future and access to a better life.

That young man would grow up to be Dr. Samuel Fang. Not forgetting where he came from, Dr. Fang’s desire was to provide the same love and compassion to needy children that he had once received. His vision was to give orphans hope for the future, the opportunity to reach their full potential, and access to the best educational and enrichment opportunities available.

Dr. Fang and his wife, Lily, began caring for orphans in Zhaoxian, China in 2001, then eventually formed Living Hope International, which has grown into an organization whose children’s homes are recognized for their excellence in care. His commitment was and still is to transform the lives of orphans so they can become productive citizens and future leaders with the passion and ability to help tackle the social challenges of their native countries.

When Dr. Fang first shared this vision with the Chinese government, they embraced the idea; and in an unprecedented step, they forged a private partnership with Living Hope International, allowing us to open and independently manage a network of Orphan Training Centers (OTC) across China. The first OTC opened in September of 2005.

Dr. Fang has challenged authorities to think beyond the traditional approach to orphan care. With more than 10 years of experience, Living Hope International has proved that a positive family-style model of love and nurturing is not only possible, but extremely fruitful and rewarding.

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We have a dedicated team in China who serve both Living Hope International and Living Hope Adoption. They work day and night coordinating the China side of our operations.

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