Orphan Hosting Program

Living Hope International (LHI) is pleased to announce that in 2017, we will be bringing approximately 20-30 orphaned children from The People’s Republic of China to be hosted by eligible families in the US. This 4 week hosting program will provide children who are filled with their individual history and hopes, the opportunity to expand their viewpoints by experiencing family life in a culture different from their own. We believe that the hosting program will bring positive changes to the lives of the children as well as to the lives of the host families, and provide everyone involved with long-term relationships and lasting memories.

Our Winter 2016 hosting session was a ‘top of the mountain’ success!  This session brought love and support to many orphan children.  The program provided the children an experience that changed both them and their host family forever!   Many of these children will be coming back the US to start their new life.

A special note sent from the Turner Family who participated in our Winter Hosting:

Philip and Susan, 
We first want to thank you for all of your patience, advocacy, thoughtful support and prayers. We are so blessed that you answered an email inquiry which soon led to us meeting one amazing little girl. 
From the moment she toddled out of the plane and met the rest of the family, she has been part of our family. She seamlessly entered our home and our hearts as if she had always been with us. From the day she left we have felt the loss and that something was missing. I don’t know there was any doubt that we felt she was already a part of our family. 
You are both amazing people. Your work provides evidence that angels walk among us. We will forever be thankful for you and bringing Liz and the entire hosting family into our lives.
We especially thank God for bringing you and Susan into our lives and providing us the opportunity to welcome Liz to a family.
God Bless You and all you do.

More Photos from Our Winter Hosting Families below!


Registration for our next Orphan Hosting Program is now open!  Dates to be announced soon.

Register Here

Hosting Application Process

Step 1: Register online and we will send you the children photo listing and a brief bio via email.

Step 2: Select a child you believe may be a fit for your family. Our regional coordinators are available to talk with you more in depth about the child’s needs and help assess if a particular child would do well with your family situation.

Step 3: We will place the child you select “On Hold” for 24-48 hours.

Step4: Submit your non-refundable deposit $500 (check to Living Hope International) within 48 hours of placing child  on hold.

Step 5: Complete formal application and return it along with supporting documents to LHI within 7 days of placing child on hold.

Step 6: Schedule Home Safety visit and fingerprinting/background checks ASAP.  These can take some time, so plan to do them early.

Step 7: Submit payments according to Fee Schedule for Hosting Program.

Step 8: Complete mandatory training.

Step 9: Prepare for your host child’s arrival.

Step 10: Greet your host child at the arrival airport and enjoy the hosting experience!

Please view our FAQs page for more specific information on our Hosting Program.