LHI_HistoryThe Birth of an Idea … a Calling

Living Hope International (LHI) emerged from a seed of suffering, the experience of a young fatherless boy who lived through the dark days of China’s Cultural Revolution, when millions of the countries best and brightest were purged.

This child was fortunate – he had someone who cared enough about his future – to share hope, give opportunities, and provide access to a better life. That fatherless child was Dr. Samuel Fang.

Today, Dr. Fang provides that same type of love and compassion to China’s orphans by giving them hope for the future, the opportunity to reach their full potential and access to the best educational and enrichment opportunities available. These three things are what Living Hope International promises to China’s orphans. After assisting one orphanage in a small rural part of China, Dr. Fang created Living Hope International which has now grown into an organization of orphanages known for their excellence in care.

LHI’s success led Dr. Fang to develop a vision for a network of highly specialized educational facilities for orphans. This network would focus on creating a generation of leaders from China’s orphans so that they may become productive citizens and future leaders with the passion and ability to help tackle China’s social challenges. When Dr. Fang shared this vision with the Chinese government, they embraced the idea. In an unprecedented step they forged a private partnership with Living Hope International, allowing them to open and independently manage a network of National Orphan Training Centers (NOTC) across China. The first NOTC opened in September, 2005.

Dr. Fang has challenged the Chinese to think beyond the traditional approach to orphan care, and he has succeeded. What was once a vague idea to take academic, psychological, and extracurricular activities and change them into the positive family-style care and love that children deserve has turned into reality.