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This is the final week of our LHI Donor Survey, which will be closing on Monday, August 4th.  So far we’ve received many replies and have been thrilled with the feedback.  Please keep it coming!  We will be making changes in how we communicate based off of what you tell us, and it is important that your voice be heard.  


And on top of that, the prize!  A box of Chinese snacks will, still, be delivered to a randomly selected survey participant.  We may not be able to get you a full fresh meal, like the one above being enjoyed by the Zhao family in Fuzhou, but we will send you the next best thing!

Finally, as we continue to wind through the English Camp season, below is a slideshow from our most recent camp at our Fangshan location (ignore the Chinese ad!).

This week and through the middle of next week we are running camps in Fuzhou.  Camp season will be complete on August 6, then the recruitment process for next year can begin!  If you have interest in serving children in China, just get in touch with our main office or leave a comment on this entry.

One last time – our survey can be taken by clicking here.

Halfway Point

宋先生代表公司捐赠给学校10台电脑等物品 (1)

This week sees us right in the middle of one of LHI’s busiest times of year, as we host community children and foreign volunteers at our locations for English camps, as detailed in a previous post.  We’ll have more information on this year’s camps from its participants soon – for now we are looking forward to finishing up the second camp in Fangshan this week, and then running the camp in Fuzhou beginning on July 28.  Fuzhou’s camp will be a bit longer than Fangshan, running a week and a half, and our on-site children will all be attending, and they are all excited for the fun to begin.

小升初8名孩子和大人一起装沙袋防洪 (8)

This blog author has been away from Fuzhou for a couple months, but upon returning, next Sunday, we’ll get an update on the new children from this post up as soon as possible, and then have some more pictures from camp available as well.

Despite all the work happening on the China-side of our organization, there’s still one thing happening in the US that everyone reading this can help us out with.  Our survey remains open, and will still be open for more than another week.  We’d love to hear your feedback, and we appreciate the several dozen people who have answered already.  

Remember, by filling out the survey you’ll be entered to win a box of snacks from China, so get in and take it while you still can!

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Whether you are a donor, a volunteer, someone browsing our blog, or something else entirely – we are interested in hearing your feedback about Living Hope International.

We’ve compiled a survey here on our site which you can get to by clicking this sentence.

Your answers will help us to improve how we operate – however that’s not the only benefit!

A couple lucky people who complete the survey will be selected to receive a box of snacks from China!  Some classic Chinese favorites, impossible to find elsewhere, will be sent right to your doorstep!  If you’ve been missing White Rabbit (milk-flavored tootsie rolls) or salad Pretz (sort of like a savory Pocky), or if you’ve never tried any but are interested – this is your chance!

The survey will remain open through the beginning of August.  Winners will be randomly selected and informed after the survey closes.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Ultimately the goal of Living Hope International is to have an impact on the children we help.  Over the years many children have been cared for in Living Hope’s Children’s Home and Training Center, and as we approach the ten-year anniversary some of those children are reaching the age where they start to move forward with their lives.

For some, seeing a child move out of the home is bittersweet, as they have grown up under the care of Living Hope, building life-long relationships and forging a new path for their lives.  However, in all families once a child becomes an adult they need to spread their wings and fly.  This leap towards independence is often fraught with difficulties, but Living Hope seeks to provide every child with the appropriate job training and working support to ensure they succeed ‘out there’.

Today, the vast majority of the children we care for are still under the age of 18, and thus still in school and primarily living within our homes.  But some of our older children have started to move forward, finding careers that they can get excited about.  The care for these children from Living Hope continues, but as their lives become independent, financially and otherwise, these children represent the fulfilled work of Living Hope International.  Our now-grown children are the impact we are having as an organization, and each of them as individuals bring a swell of pride to all of us here at Living Hope.

Some of these children have recently written letters to express their feelings about moving on.  We’ve made a page here on our website where our first five ‘success stories’ have been posted, with more coming as older children gradually ‘leave the nest’.

For a very real picture of the impact Living Hope is having, and what our American sponsors can and have accomplished, please visit this new page, located under the ‘Sponsorship’ tab, and see what Ruth, Grace, Sherry, Annie and Noelle have shared.