Little Stars in our GuangLing Angels’ Hope Home

Every child is like a shining star, each with his or her own shining points. Each angel deserves to be noted and deeply loved.


The bookworm is the most beautiful – Rudy
Rudy is somewhat of a social recluse. He doesn’t talk that much.  He appears rather average and is often overlooked. However, those who understand Rudy know that our boy loves to read. All he does after homework is read, read, read! He has finished half of the library books in the boys’ room. Reading books is not only interesting to Rudy, it is a joy for him to read. When you ask him which book is the best, he will reply that all good books are interesting!  Our bookworm is both earnest and focused. When he’s reading, there’s this surreal and glorious glow around him that compels you to take note of his educational excellence.






Quiet, but with deep responsibility in her heart – Emma
Emma is a peculiar little child. She’s unwilling to talk and express herself.  Her temperament is rather stiff and stubborn. Indeed, when she has decided something, even 10 bulls cannot pull her back. However, in her heart Emma has a deep sense of responsibility, daring to do what needs to be done. Everyday after school, when they go to buy groceries, Emma will proactively help carry the bags, but she will never admit to being the one that helped carry the bread. Nor will she complain that she is always the one carrying the groceries. For all the clothes in the washer that no one hangs to dry, she will take the initiative to hang. She will always work secretly, never showing off her work.

In October, two little friends joined GuangLing Angels’ Hope Home. When Keira first arrived into this new environment, since she was unaccustomed to everything and greatly missed her grandmother, she was often found crying. Our dear Emma has constantly been by Keira’s side, helping her with the shower, brushing her hair, and playing various games. Emma has been quite diligent and patient in all her endeavors. During this time, Emma really shone as a lamp like a many stars falling around her every day, always drawing your attention.




Our 2 New Family Members – Logan and Keira

On October 29th, we included 2 new family members to our GuangLing Angels’ Hope Home. Aside from the aforementioned Keira, we’ve also included Logan in our big family. Both of them come from impoverished families. Logan is attending 6th grade this year. He has a steady, calm, but cheerful and open personality, so it’s been really easy for him to fit in and become a favorite in the boys’ dorm.





On the other hand, because Keira is younger and also missed home very much, there was rarely a day where you didn’t see tears streaming from her face for the first several days. All of the Hope Home kids were very caring and considerate of Keira. Aside from Emma, even our little Elizabeth made an extra effort to care for Keira. Oftentimes, when they went out to play, Elizabeth would hold Keira tightly by the hand leading her in different games.




Every child is a shining star. When you cannot see them, they appear to be precious pearls covered in bleak dust. But when you discover their bright spots, you will find that they emanate a dazzling and magical light. We on the other hand, have only to open our eyes to discover each child has something worthy about them to be noted, for their specialties to be revealed and allowed to glow at a brightness unparalleled.


Our Hope Home’s every child is excellent, worthy to be proud of. This blog post has only briefly introduced a few of our children. Please wait for more descriptions of our beloved children!

Meet House Parent—Ms. Zhang Guilan

Ms. Zhang Guilan joined LHI Guangling Children’s Home in 2014 and currently serves as house parent of the girls. Ms. Zhang is known for maintaining cleanness. She always makes the rooms clean and neat. There is hardly a corner where dirt can be found, even behind water heater or under bed. The floors are mopped so clean that they can be used as mirrors! She washes children’s bedding at least every two weeks, and their clothes more often. “Poor sanitation will make me unpleasant”. This is her catchphrase.

While always adhering to high sanitation standard, Ms. Zhang never dislikes children who show undesirable personal hygiene. When she taught in a primary school in village, she took care of children meticulously too. The primary school was poorly equipped at that time, and had no normal toilet. Afraid of the children dropping into large cesspit, Ms. Zhang often accompanied them when they relieved themselves in simply-constructed toilet, and wiped their bottoms. Later, she got a housekeeping job which often involved looking after paralyzed patients and bad-tempered customers.  She stated this work helped soften her temper.

At Guangling Children’s Home, when children get sick, Ms. Zhang would deliver food and water to them, and relieve their pain with hot towel. “I will treat the children here the same way as I do for my own children. They are all my children”, she said. When children lose temper, Ms. Zhang chose not to appease and comfort them until they calm down. In her opinion, the most helpful way is to come to God and pray for His guidance when we are in difficulty.

Ms. Zhang 5.15.2015

Elizabeth is the youngest girl in the Guangling Home. Ms. Zhang often holds her hand when going out.

 Ms. Zhang (2) 5.15.2015

Playing with the girls!

Ms. Zhang (3) 5.15.2015

A moment full of harmony and happiness with kids she loves


Climb the Qianfu Mountain

 Here is a diary from a caregiver from our Guangling Home, writing about their experience of climbing the Qianfu Mountain last week–

On a clear day with comfortable sunshine, we decided to do some hiking–climb the Qianfu Mountain.  Accompanied by Mr. Chu and the parents, the children set off in long lines! It was the first time we’ve ever climbed the mountain together, so all of us were full of joy.

Chatting happily all the way, we came to the foot of the mountain soon. As expected, the mountain was very high, but fortunately, the road condition was nice. We were heading to the top of mountain! With such goal, everyone was very excited, especially the boys. One of the boys rushed ahead of the team.climb mountain 2

In the early spring here, there was boisterous wind whistling all the way, which seemed to block us from moving forward. The children, of course, were not to be outdone. They accompanied with each other, encouraged each other, and helped each other to go towards the top of mountain step by step. The path close to the top of mountain was very steep and difficult. The older children helped the younger ones, hand in hand, going forward together. The words “Don’t be afraid, I’ll pull you along” moved all of us.

Both the whistling wind and the steep road had to submit to the children’s bravery and impetus to go forward! At the top of the mountain, looking down at the blocks of small buildings, everyone laughed and cheered happily. All of them were enjoying the joy of victory.

We turned many bends, and climbed up the Qianfu Mountain. Then we passed through the road, and went down the mountain. The joy of conquering the mountain diluted the tiredness and exhaustion. Everyone went back with delight!

climb mountain 1


Thank You Letter From Charity

Charity, a lovely girl has been living in Living Hope Children’s Home for 3 years.  We are sad to see her leave our program due to some medical condition.  We pray for her good health physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   We will definitely miss her!


Dear Aunts and Uncles:Charity 1

I came to Living Hope Angel Training School in March 2012. It’s been three years since then. I am very thankful for your love and care in these three years.

I was in 1st grade three years ago. Back to that time, I lived with my grandma. One day after school, my teacher came to me and said, “Your grandma will be here shortly.”  I waited and waited but grandma did not come.  Then I saw some black cars came. Later I learned they belonged to Angel Training School.  I remembered later Headmaster Li came to talk to me.

Then I went to Beijing with Headmaster Li and began living in Angel Training School.  In the days before I left my hometown to Beijing, I asked grandma, “Are you okay with my leaving? Will you miss me? ” Grandma always answered, “I am okay to let you go. You are going to a much better place.”

In the Angel School, I shared a room with older girls who were very nice to me and taught me dance.  I made friends with Amber because she was the first girl who gave me a gift.  Later I became friends with two other older sisters.  They were Claire and Hou Li Na.

A few days later, one morning when I walked into the cafeteria, an uncle said to me, “Hurry up, Emma! You’ll be late for school! ” He thought I am Emma. This was a little thing but somehow I remembered it very well.  I was happy every day in the big family in Angel School because there were many aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters.  We studied together, danced together and did everything together.

Last year, Angel School moved to my hometown Guangling so I came back with all the kids.  But, I will have to leave Angel School this semester.  My ear canal infection has been getting worse. In the end of 2004 I had to leave Angel School to stay at my grandma’s house for a week to rest because when I was in public school, I couldn’t bear the loud noises that caused me a terrible headache.  I had to leave the classroom to find a quiet place until the headache was gone.  During the week I stayed at home and rested.  My ear hurt a lot. Then it got a little better.  Grandma felt it would be too much trouble if I go back to Angel School and have to be taken back home again because of my ear problem and headache.  So she decided to let me stay home with her and find ways to get my ear treated. It’d be easier for her to take care of me this way.  It is such a pity that I have to leave Angel School, but I understand grandma’s decision in order to find a better treatment for my ear problem so it can be completely healed.

Charity (Bai Lu)

Return From Winter Break

After a month-long winter break, children have all returned to our Guangling Home this month.  They had a joyful weekend and a happy start of a new semester.

Children helped house parents clean the house together. They really are good helpers!

Clearning 1

Clearning 3

Clearning 4

They must have missed each other very much and had a lot of fun playing together outside.

playing outside 2

playing outside 3playing outside 8

playing outside 9

playing outside 10

Time to return to school. What a big smile!

Return to school 5

Return to school 6

Return to school 7



The First Snow in Guangling

Last Wednesday, Guangling welcomed the first snow of 2015. On Saturday, uncle Liang took children playing outdoor. They were so excited walking in the white snow, making snowballs, and playing snow fights.  They really enjoyed a white weekend with a lot of laughs!

playing in snow1

Paul (on the left) and Caleb (on the right)

playing in snow2

playing in snow3

playing in snow4



Greetings from Guangling Children’s Home Staff

Dear LHI friends,

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of LHI orphan ministry. Your generous contributions have not only brought children financial support, but also give them hope for the future!  The staff of Guangling Children’s Home would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation.  Thank you so much for your faithful support.

Wishing you a merry Christmas!

Guangling Children’s Home Staff



Here is a brief introduction of Living Hope Guangling Children’s Home staff—


Mr.&Mrs. ChuChu & Yu

Mr. and Mrs. Chu have been involved in the Fangshan Angel School before the school relocated to Guangling.  Mr. Chu was Chief Financial Officer of the Angel school, and Mrs. Chu helped the school as a mentor and spiritual leader.  Now the couple has brought their daughter with them to Guangling Children’s Home. Mr. Chu currently is Interim Director of the children’s home.  Mrs. Chu works as a caretaker of the girls.



Mr.&Mrs. Xing

Xing & Hou

Mr. and Mrs. Xing worked for Fangshan Angel School in 2012 after their graduation. The couple now comes back to Guangling Children’s Home to work as teacher and accountant.




Mr.&Mrs. Liang


Liang & Han

Mr. and Mrs. Liang are new members of the children’s home.  Mr. Liang had worked in the photography industry for many years before joined the children’s home. He is also an elder of a local church.  Currently Mr. and Mrs. Liang  are house parents taking care of the boys.  Mr. Liang leads every evening’s devotion for the boys.



Mr. Wang



Mr.  Wang was a chef of Fangshan Angel School and left for personal reasons.  Mr. Wang now comes back to work for Guangling Children’s Home as a chef as well as storehouse administrator.






Mrs. Zhang is an experienced caretaker who has worked as a church leader and elementary substitute teacher.  She has a son and a daughter who are both married. Mrs. Zhang’s husband passed away 7 years ago due to illness.  She has now joined Guangling Children’s Home and works as a caretaker of the girls.




Park Visit in Shanxi

With our new location in Shanxi, one large benefit has been our children’s ability to get to school on foot within ten minutes.  And a second benefit is that being in a small city, with less than 30,000 residents, means there are larger clear spaces for playing games.


Over the last few weeks Mr. and Mrs. Chu, our interim directors (who some of you might know from our Winter 2014 Angel Tour), have taken the children out for visits to a nearby park regularly.  While there the kids have had a chance to have all kinds of fun, as the below pictures show.  Our children are all loving being able to have more space to play and enjoy themselves, and we are happy to provide them with a glimpse of the wider world outside our original location in Beijing.


In time we will come to get to know this city better and find even more opportunities for the children in our care.  We look forward to moving forward with them as they find new outlets for their abilities!



IMG_0368 IMG_0367 IMG_0366 IMG_0369 IMG_0365

Changes to our Angel Training Center

This week we are featuring a letter from our founder and President with regards to some shifts at our Beijing location, the Angel Training Center.  Please read and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

To Our Donors,

Over the last ten years, Living Hope International has provided a brighter future to over a hundred Chinese children thanks to the generous support provided by people like you.  As we continue to develop and shift the functioning of our programs, we want to make sure you remain informed about all that is happening in China.


   As you know, we run our Angel Training Center out of Fangshan, a district of Beijing city.  We initially cared for children from the Beijing area, and then branched out to providing residential care to children from rural Shanxi province, a few hours west of the city.  Last year, new government policies were enacted to relax certain household registration policies as well as initiate population control in the capital.  Part of this policy involves registration for schools and the eligibility of out-of-province children for enrolling in Beijing’s public school system.


   At the time of this policy being enacted, all our children in the Angel Training Center were residents of Shanxi.  Our children were able to finish the semester in spring 2014, and returned in fall 2014 as we had hoped rolling out of the policy would still allow for us to find a solution for our children’s school enrollment.  While they were able to attend the first month of school in Beijing city, during National Week holiday in the beginning of October, the initialization had completed and our children, as orphans without Beijing residency, could no longer attend school in Beijing.


   During National Week, our children returned home to Shanxi to spend time with their living relatives, either grandparents, aunts and uncles, or foster families, while we investigated next steps.  I personally travelled to China and along with Li Chen, the Angel Training Center headmaster, pursued solutions.


Ultimately, our children have no possibility of becoming eligible for schooling in Beijing.  Because of this we began to look within Shanxi, and after finding the top-rated elementary and middle schools in the province met with the leaders of said schools and arranged for all our residential children to be enrolled there.  Following arranging enrollment, we found a location to rent, allowing for our children to again live together in large family units as previously modeled in the Fangshan Angel Training Center.


   Mr. Chu, a long-term advisor of Living Hope International in China, will be joining as the full-time headmaster of this new location while Li Chen remains in Beijing.  We will also maintain an office in Beijing, with a small staff overseeing the Beijing residency-holding young adults who still live and work there.


   The transition out of Beijing has not been ideal, however we are happy with the end results.  None of the children in our care would have ever been considered for inclusion in these top Shanxi schools prior to us taking them in.  We can see the difference already made in their lives, and trust that being closer to their traditional homes while still being challenged academically will allow for them to reach an even higher plain of academic achievement, becoming the leaders we believe they can become.


   Again, thank you for your long-standing support of Living Hope International and all we do.  Without the love of people halfway across the world, our children would have never found a chance like this.  As we look forward to helping more children in the next decade of Living Hope International, we are grateful to have you walking alongside us.



Samuel Fang

Founder and President, Living Hope International

The neighborhood surrounding our new facility.

The neighborhood surrounding our new facility.


The building we are now located in.

The building we are now located in.

One of the bedrooms within our location.

One of the bedrooms within our location.

A classroom in our new location.

A classroom in our new location.