About Us

Living Hope International (LHI) exists for one specific purpose:

To operate Children’s Homes and Training Centers that offer a safe and loving environment in which our children can develop to their full potential.

Our Children’s Homes and Training Centers came into existence as a result of the concern and generosity of visiting parents of Living Hope Adoption Agency. When parents came to China to pick up their adoptive child, they were deeply moved by the scores of unadoptable children whom they quickly termed “left behind children.”

Our children come to us from tragic backgrounds, facing an uncertain future with virtually no hope. The LHI staff then steps in and assesses their medical and educational needs to develop a program that provides for their basic needs as well as mentoring and other personal attention.

Our homes are equipped to provide family-style living quarters where 6-8 children live in a three-bedroom apartment with an adult caregiver who provides a parental role model. In our Training Centers, our children also receive supplemental tutoring in English and specialized training in some form of Chinese performing arts. Our basic goal is to prepare them to be independent and successful adults in their society. Beyond that goal, we strive to provide educational and social experiences that will equip them for positions of leadership.

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