Little Stars in our GuangLing Angels’ Hope Home

Every child is like a shining star, each with his or her own shining points. Each angel deserves to be noted and deeply loved.


The bookworm is the most beautiful – Rudy
Rudy is somewhat of a social recluse. He doesn’t talk that much.  He appears rather average and is often overlooked. However, those who understand Rudy know that our boy loves to read. All he does after homework is read, read, read! He has finished half of the library books in the boys’ room. Reading books is not only interesting to Rudy, it is a joy for him to read. When you ask him which book is the best, he will reply that all good books are interesting!  Our bookworm is both earnest and focused. When he’s reading, there’s this surreal and glorious glow around him that compels you to take note of his educational excellence.






Quiet, but with deep responsibility in her heart – Emma
Emma is a peculiar little child. She’s unwilling to talk and express herself.  Her temperament is rather stiff and stubborn. Indeed, when she has decided something, even 10 bulls cannot pull her back. However, in her heart Emma has a deep sense of responsibility, daring to do what needs to be done. Everyday after school, when they go to buy groceries, Emma will proactively help carry the bags, but she will never admit to being the one that helped carry the bread. Nor will she complain that she is always the one carrying the groceries. For all the clothes in the washer that no one hangs to dry, she will take the initiative to hang. She will always work secretly, never showing off her work.

In October, two little friends joined GuangLing Angels’ Hope Home. When Keira first arrived into this new environment, since she was unaccustomed to everything and greatly missed her grandmother, she was often found crying. Our dear Emma has constantly been by Keira’s side, helping her with the shower, brushing her hair, and playing various games. Emma has been quite diligent and patient in all her endeavors. During this time, Emma really shone as a lamp like a many stars falling around her every day, always drawing your attention.




Our 2 New Family Members – Logan and Keira

On October 29th, we included 2 new family members to our GuangLing Angels’ Hope Home. Aside from the aforementioned Keira, we’ve also included Logan in our big family. Both of them come from impoverished families. Logan is attending 6th grade this year. He has a steady, calm, but cheerful and open personality, so it’s been really easy for him to fit in and become a favorite in the boys’ dorm.





On the other hand, because Keira is younger and also missed home very much, there was rarely a day where you didn’t see tears streaming from her face for the first several days. All of the Hope Home kids were very caring and considerate of Keira. Aside from Emma, even our little Elizabeth made an extra effort to care for Keira. Oftentimes, when they went out to play, Elizabeth would hold Keira tightly by the hand leading her in different games.




Every child is a shining star. When you cannot see them, they appear to be precious pearls covered in bleak dust. But when you discover their bright spots, you will find that they emanate a dazzling and magical light. We on the other hand, have only to open our eyes to discover each child has something worthy about them to be noted, for their specialties to be revealed and allowed to glow at a brightness unparalleled.


Our Hope Home’s every child is excellent, worthy to be proud of. This blog post has only briefly introduced a few of our children. Please wait for more descriptions of our beloved children!