Care for the Disabled Orphans – FuJian Medical University’s New Dentistry / Oral Care for Disabled Orphans Project

On the morning of October 25th, 2015, the Stomatology Hospital of FuJian Medical University started a welfare project for the comprehensive prevention of oral disease in disabled orphans. More than a dozen doctors and nurses from the hospital arrived at our FuZhou Hope House to conduct a detailed check-up, cavity sealant procedures, sealing of cracks and dents, fluoride cleaning, as well as other disease prevention procedures. In addition, the staff made sure to educate both the children and the house parents on general dental health as well as prevention of dental disease.

It is reported that in order to better understand the current dental and oral condition of disabled orphans and to improve that status, making up for previous lack of oral health services, leading to concerning dental defects, the China Oral Health Foundation launched the Comprehensive Orphan Oral Disease Prevention Project in FuJian, affiliating with the FuJian Medical University, specifically the Dental Disease Prevention Center of the Stomatology Hospital, which is responsible for the project.

Parents accompany the children during oral examination and initial treatment.

Parents accompany the children during oral examination and initial treatment.

DentistExaminationC DentistExaminationB DentistExaminationA

All the dentists meticulously observed, recorded, and examined the children’s teeth. Most of the children received fluoride protection application.


John even had a fissure sealant procedure completed.

Per doctor’s examination feedback, it was determined that John had 2 overlapping teeth, requiring a future tooth extraction.  Luke has several broken teeth also requiring future treatment.  One of Graham’s front teeth hurts when he eats, possibly indicatively injured nerve endings from tooth decay, also requiring future treatment. Director Fan has stated she will contact the Children’s Welfare Institute leaders to confirm that the children will have their oral illnesses treated at the designated, specified hospitals.