Our Happy Adventure by the Sea

On July 17th, the elementary and middle school kids from our Hope House along the children from the Children’s Welfare Institute under the guidance of the caregivers traveled by bus to the beach for a day of grape-picking and other fun activities, hosted by the province of FuJian in LianJiang County.

At approximately 8:50am, everyone departed from the Children’s Welfare Institute. After one hour, they arrived at the DaoAo village in XiaoAo District of LianJiang County, where they began walking with the coach to the grape-picking site.  Every family carried one basket. Each house parent brought the kids to pick grapes.  Even though the vines were grown in a saline environment, but by the owner’s painstaking efforts and sacrifice, all the grapes produced are so sweet.  In fact, the fruit was endorsed by the FuJian Agricultural Association. After everyone ate the grapes, they tasted extraordinary sweetness.



GrapesD   GrapesC2



At noon, everyone ate lunch at the 1st Gan Sea Villa, tasted samples of specially featured sea foods. After lunch, everyone walked to a pavilion by the ocean, resting on bamboo seats, enjoying the beautiful scenic view of sea and listening to the grand crash of the waves.



Afterwards, the coach instructed the kids on various beach activities, such as playing tug-a-war, three-legged races, finding duck eggs in the sand, etc. With a teamwork mindset, they were able to play very happily.

GroupGames2 TugOWar2


Around 3pm, with the receding tide, the kids walked along the beach wearing gloves and socks to a specific location to pick buckets of crabs and clams.



At the cry of the coach, everyone ran into the low tide to quickly harvest the various sea creatures. At Gan Sea, this is the method that the native fishermen use, so that when the water recedes, vast sand bars are accessible, exposing an inexplicable wealth of sea treasures from the heart of the sea.  The “Gan” character (meaning “rush”) in the name of the sea is comprised of 2 Chinese characters, firstly “walk” and then “work”. You walk to your work place, but because the tide recedes for only a short period of time, you must rush before everyone else, walking to the work place first, thereby ensuring plentiful harvest.




At 6pm, everyone gathered their clams, crabs, and small fish harvested from the sea to board the bus headed towards home.