A Pleasant Weekend

A Pleasant Weekend

On the morning of July 5th, the children from Hope House led by their parents spent a nice, pleasant weekend at the Fuzhou Grand Theater along with those from the welfare center. At the theater they watched a mask play, Boonie Bear – Wonderful Throne.


Children from Hope House and Welfare Center together with
the Volunteers from Thai Hot Group at Fuzhou Grand Theater

The event was organized by the Thai Hot Group, a property developer from Fuzhou. The children set out by bus at 8:30 a.m. from the welfare center and arrived at the Fuzhou Grand Theater at 9:00 a.m. About 30 mins later, when the children had lined up and were given tickets, they were guided by their parents into the theater in an orderly manner. The play started at 10:00 a.m. and ended at 11:10 a.m. It was funny and amusing, expressing concern for environmental protection. The children loved the characters of Guangtouqiang, Xiongda, and Xionger very much, recognizing the importance of protecting forests while enjoying the play.



Being the first stage production adapted from the cartoon Boonie Bears, the play provided an exciting opportunity for the children to see the animated images of Xiongda, Xionger, Guangtouqiang, Maomao, and so on at close range. Some of the children who had never watched a mask play before had a time-travel experience when interacting with the characters, different from what they felt when watching TV. When the actors playing the roles of Xiongda and Xionger walked into the audience and interacted with the children, everyone was excited, feeling that they were quite close to their favorite animated images.


 “I am quite happy today, because I watched a mask play for the first time in my life. The event today is very interesting. Today, I learned a lot. For instance, we shoud study as hard as Xiongda, Xionger, Maomao, Qiqi, protecting nature and our homeland. We should be civilized and courteous, develop the good habit of protecting nature, and keep desirable personal hygiene,” Wang Feng wrote after he returned home.

It is comforting to see what Wang Feng has learned from the play. The article he wrote about the play was excellent, since he personally watched and loved the play. It had fuller content and deeper feelings than his normal compositions or weekly diaries. We hope that the children are given more opportunities to take part in such wonderful social activities in the future!


401 children at the entrance of Fuzhou Grand Theater
after watching the play Boonie Bears

Zhu Zhao Xie, LongQiang

Jason                                                                                                                               Luke

Angel Hope House

“Live life to the fullest and let the world be full of love.” – Author Unknown












On June 8, 2015, the American POB team came to visit Guangling Angel Hope House. Every one of the children and parents played a positive role in preparation, and held a warm ceremony to welcome the distinguished guests coming from afar.

In the following 2 days, the POB team visited Guangling Angel Hope House and listened to Mr. Chu’s introduction to its operation. In addition, they paid a visit to a primary school and divided themselves into three groups to visit the families which are receiving separate relief. Panel discussions were conducted and the team gave the staff pep talks.

Touchingly, the POB members said: “We are not here to go sightseeing. We are here to see what we can do to help you”. Then they helped fix our computers, install the fans and have talks with the staff, also they assisted us in sorting and distributing the goods prepared for the families under the separate relief project.