Get to Know the Family 201

This is an ordinary family consisting of father, mother and children. This is a special family with 5 children unrelated by blood. This is a big family, including 5 children from the age of 3 to 21 years old. This is also a small family, which is just a part of Living Hope Fuzhou Children’s Home.

201 House parentsHousefather Mr. Han is 32 years old who was born in Shandong Province and came to Fuzhou Children’s Home with his wife in July 2013. Mr. Han has been in Fuzhou Children’s Home for 20 months. What pleases him most is to see the children growing up healthily and happily. What makes him most sad is Aaron’s adoption by a local family while he understands a forever family is the best for a child. When asked about what help is most needed for him, he stated it is how to best educate children.

Housemother Mrs. Han is 33 years old who was born in Shandong Province and came to Fuzhou Children’s Home with Mr. Han in July 2013. She reported what pleases her most is to see the children get to know God and grow their faith. She said she felt so sad when Aaron was adopted and left them. She wishes Aaron will be going great in the new family. When asked about what help is most needed for her, she stated it is the emotional support and psychological guidance. She said she felt stressed sometimes looking after the children. Her greatest wish is to have a tour in Xiamen City with the children.


Graham 2Child: Graham (nick name: Pingping), 3 years old. Graham is kind of spoiled by the parents. It is difficult for other people to take care of him alone. However, recently Mr. Zhao from the family 401has started taking him and two other children to and from the kindergarten. After several days, Graham became outgoing and happy. In the past he often hided himself behind the door crying and screaming when other person tried to take him to school. He now can say “I won’t cry” when being sent to school.



Jason 1 Jason 2


Child: Jason, 9 years old. Jason has a history of epilepsy. He takes medicine on time every day under the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Han. He has been seizure free for a long time. Jason is an active and naughty boy.






Child: Emma, 16 years old. This April, Emma suffered from chest pain several times, but no organic lesions were identified after detailed physical exam. With the “placebo” therapy, she has been recovered and no more chest pain! According to the doctor, the symptom was probably caused by the psychological problems in puberty. Recently, Emma is doing pretty well. In the parents’ meeting, it was reported by the teacher that Emma has been very confident and likes to express herself in the class.



Vicky Vicky 2Child: Vicky, 21 years old. Vicky is completing an internship in kindergarten in Fuzhou, and will graduate and start working this July. This means another child will graduate from our sponsorship program and become financially independent soon! Vicky is currently living with Family 201. On weekends, she helps the house parents cook and do some housework.


StevenChild: Steven, 14 years old. This February, Steven was adopted by a Chinese family. Unfortunately, the adoption was disrupted and Steven was sent back to the Children’s Home. This hurt him badly and made him feel rejected. The entire Children’s Home has been praying for Steven. Steven currently studies in No.22 Middle School where he is being negatively influenced by his peers recently. We are considering transfer school for Steven, however it is difficult to transfer school in a short time. We keep praying for Steven and pray for the wisdom for the family 201 to best help Steven go through this difficult time.


This is family 201. There are laughers and tears, happiness and sadness here. This is a portrayal of our Fuzhou Children’s Home.




Meet House Parent—Ms. Zhang Guilan

Ms. Zhang Guilan joined LHI Guangling Children’s Home in 2014 and currently serves as house parent of the girls. Ms. Zhang is known for maintaining cleanness. She always makes the rooms clean and neat. There is hardly a corner where dirt can be found, even behind water heater or under bed. The floors are mopped so clean that they can be used as mirrors! She washes children’s bedding at least every two weeks, and their clothes more often. “Poor sanitation will make me unpleasant”. This is her catchphrase.

While always adhering to high sanitation standard, Ms. Zhang never dislikes children who show undesirable personal hygiene. When she taught in a primary school in village, she took care of children meticulously too. The primary school was poorly equipped at that time, and had no normal toilet. Afraid of the children dropping into large cesspit, Ms. Zhang often accompanied them when they relieved themselves in simply-constructed toilet, and wiped their bottoms. Later, she got a housekeeping job which often involved looking after paralyzed patients and bad-tempered customers.  She stated this work helped soften her temper.

At Guangling Children’s Home, when children get sick, Ms. Zhang would deliver food and water to them, and relieve their pain with hot towel. “I will treat the children here the same way as I do for my own children. They are all my children”, she said. When children lose temper, Ms. Zhang chose not to appease and comfort them until they calm down. In her opinion, the most helpful way is to come to God and pray for His guidance when we are in difficulty.

Ms. Zhang 5.15.2015

Elizabeth is the youngest girl in the Guangling Home. Ms. Zhang often holds her hand when going out.

 Ms. Zhang (2) 5.15.2015

Playing with the girls!

Ms. Zhang (3) 5.15.2015

A moment full of harmony and happiness with kids she loves