Living Hope Angels Tour is Coming to the US!

This summer, 13 children from our Guangling and Fuzhou Children’s Homes will be traveling to churches in the US to meet their sponsors, present a special program consisting of traditional Chinese dance, singing, and personal testimony.  The performance ranges in length from 30 minutes to one hour depending on availability.  The purpose of this tour is to put a face to missions and to share the plight of orphaned and needy children. Our tours in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 were a huge success and many of our orphans gained sponsorship.

Please consider being part of this special experience – for the Angels, and your friends, family, and organization.  Hosting can range from providing a venue for them to perform, to offering them one or more meals or a place to rest their heads for a night or a weekend.  We are specifically looking for churches and host families in the areas of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.

If you know or belong to any churches in these areas, and would like to invite these children to present our ministry, please mail the form below and all donations to Living Hope International, c/o China Angels Tour, PO Box 183, Fort Washington, PA  19034, or contact Lynn Huang at 215-540-8810 or Thank you in advance for your help! We trust you will be blessed for having the privilege of meeting these children face to face.

Angels Tour letter pic

There are many ways you can get involved in this wonderful program–

  • Invite the orphan group to perform in our church
  • Make a financial contribution toward travel expenses
  • Donate a gift card (Wal-Mart, Target, Gas Card, McDonald’s, etc.)
  • Sponsor a meal or lodging for the Angels Tour group
  • Sponsor an activity/outing for the kids on tour (i.e. bowling, sporting event, movie, etc.)
  • Help spread the word by hanging posters in your community

The First Snow in Guangling

Last Wednesday, Guangling welcomed the first snow of 2015. On Saturday, uncle Liang took children playing outdoor. They were so excited walking in the white snow, making snowballs, and playing snow fights.  They really enjoyed a white weekend with a lot of laughs!

playing in snow1

Paul (on the left) and Caleb (on the right)

playing in snow2

playing in snow3

playing in snow4



What A Blessed Weekend!

Our Fuzhou children had a joyful and blessed weekend. Here are some of the pictures to share with you all–

Enjoying spending time with visitors

voluteers visiting


Having fun with English learning and playing games

playing game

fun English learning


Actively participating in the Sunday music worship with a local church

music worship playing flute


Playing in the park in Sunday afternoon!

playing in the park (3)



Meet George and Jason!

We are pleased to introduce two new family members of our Fuzhou Home!


George (Chinese name: Su Qiu, Age: 6)

George was living in a foster home until April 2014 when he returned to the Children’s Welfare Institute.  George came to Living Hope Fuzhou Children’s Home in November 2014 and now lives with one of our family units.  George currently attends Huijia Kindergarten (senior class) and is good at verbal learning.  George has a smooth temper and feels shy to strangers.  He has good self-care ability, can dress himself, make the bed, and help parents with some housework!

Zhu Zhao

Jason (Chinese name: Zhu Zhao, Age: 8)

Jason is a 8-year-old boy.  He was placed in a foster home for about a year and returned to the government home in October 2010. While Jason suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, he is able to walk, run and communicate with others normally, and is capable of taking care of daily self care activities. Jason came to Living Hope Fuzhou Children’s Home in November 2014 and now lives with one of our family units.  The house parents reported that Jason is an optimistic and outgoing child, with a strong sense of curiosity. Jason currently attends 1st grade of Hongshan Elementary School, and likes drawing and writing.