Greetings from Guangling Children’s Home Staff

Dear LHI friends,

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of LHI orphan ministry. Your generous contributions have not only brought children financial support, but also give them hope for the future!  The staff of Guangling Children’s Home would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation.  Thank you so much for your faithful support.

Wishing you a merry Christmas!

Guangling Children’s Home Staff



Here is a brief introduction of Living Hope Guangling Children’s Home staff—


Mr.&Mrs. ChuChu & Yu

Mr. and Mrs. Chu have been involved in the Fangshan Angel School before the school relocated to Guangling.  Mr. Chu was Chief Financial Officer of the Angel school, and Mrs. Chu helped the school as a mentor and spiritual leader.  Now the couple has brought their daughter with them to Guangling Children’s Home. Mr. Chu currently is Interim Director of the children’s home.  Mrs. Chu works as a caretaker of the girls.



Mr.&Mrs. Xing

Xing & Hou

Mr. and Mrs. Xing worked for Fangshan Angel School in 2012 after their graduation. The couple now comes back to Guangling Children’s Home to work as teacher and accountant.




Mr.&Mrs. Liang


Liang & Han

Mr. and Mrs. Liang are new members of the children’s home.  Mr. Liang had worked in the photography industry for many years before joined the children’s home. He is also an elder of a local church.  Currently Mr. and Mrs. Liang  are house parents taking care of the boys.  Mr. Liang leads every evening’s devotion for the boys.



Mr. Wang



Mr.  Wang was a chef of Fangshan Angel School and left for personal reasons.  Mr. Wang now comes back to work for Guangling Children’s Home as a chef as well as storehouse administrator.






Mrs. Zhang is an experienced caretaker who has worked as a church leader and elementary substitute teacher.  She has a son and a daughter who are both married. Mrs. Zhang’s husband passed away 7 years ago due to illness.  She has now joined Guangling Children’s Home and works as a caretaker of the girls.