Park Visit in Shanxi

With our new location in Shanxi, one large benefit has been our children’s ability to get to school on foot within ten minutes.  And a second benefit is that being in a small city, with less than 30,000 residents, means there are larger clear spaces for playing games.


Over the last few weeks Mr. and Mrs. Chu, our interim directors (who some of you might know from our Winter 2014 Angel Tour), have taken the children out for visits to a nearby park regularly.  While there the kids have had a chance to have all kinds of fun, as the below pictures show.  Our children are all loving being able to have more space to play and enjoy themselves, and we are happy to provide them with a glimpse of the wider world outside our original location in Beijing.


In time we will come to get to know this city better and find even more opportunities for the children in our care.  We look forward to moving forward with them as they find new outlets for their abilities!



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