As promised…

As promised last week, here are some images of our time at Starbucks down in Fuzhou!  Thanks to a large cooperation with the Fuzhou franchise management group, our children were given the opportunity to go to a local Starbucks every Tuesday and Thursday morning for the past several weeks.  While there they took some classes on how to properly make and enjoy coffee, received help on their summer homework, and enjoyed many different drinks.

 The baristas developed special relationships with particular children, and many of our children spoke of the specific barista they hoped would be there each trip.  This coming Thursday will be the final trip to Starbucks since school starts next week; Friday for the middle schoolers and Tuesday for the elementary schoolers.

 The close of summer is sad, but many of our children are excited to apply themselves to this coming semester.  This year John and Steven have both graduated from elementary school to middle school, where they’ll be attending along with Emma and Hannah.  We are very excited to see them thrive in their new environment!

  The rest of this post is a series of pictures taken of today’s trip to Starbucks!  Thanks again to that organization – if your organization is interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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Fuzhou Summer Camp Slideshow

(if you see an ad or a message in Chinese before the video starts, just wait 5 to 30 seconds and it’ll go away!)
It has been a relatively quiet week down in Fuzhou, and in Fangshan our children have yet to return on-site from their time with their living relatives.  School starts in just a few weeks, and our kids are all enjoying soaking up these last few moments of ‘freedom’ before they are back to their regular schedules!

This summer in Fuzhou we’ve been lucky enough to form a partnership with Starbucks China to provide tutoring and ‘coffee culture’ classes for the children here – next week we’ll write a more thorough account of how this came about and what exactly the kids do at Starbucks.  Those trips, twice a week, seem to be the highlight of the summer outside of summer camp – thanks to Starbucks for making it happen!

Chinese of the Month: August 2014


Here is the first of a new series – once each month we’ll be putting up a new picture with a Chinese word in it.  These pictures are great for desktop wallpapers as well as a quick Chinese aid!


Pictured are Mr. and Mrs. Zhao, houseparents in Fuzhou, along with their family.  These workers are what everything Living Hope does is based upon, and the happy faces at the beach say all we need to know about their results!

Thanks to You – Another Life Changed!

As we talked about in an entry from a couple months ago, our Fuzhou home was fortunate enough to be able to bring in three more children – Jared, Laura, and Becca.  Since having come in to the home all three children have been doing very well, and despite all three suffering from some level of developmental delay they are adjusting and improving every day.


Today’s entry focuses on the girl pictured above, Laura.  If you read the original entry, or clicked through to it from above, you know that she is already showing marked signs of improvement.  When she is walking around her home, Laura often smiles, full of joy and excitement.  

In her first few days in the Liu family, Laura was as she is seen in her first picture – scared, serious, and not willing to show too much emotion.  She is still non-vocal, and initially this was a barrier to her entrance into her new family.  Now, as she has picked up on a sense of safety and security in her home, Laura is slowly opening up.  It is incredible to see this little girl becoming a more full person and show off her personalities and interests.


As pictured above, the number one thing Laura has discovered that she absolutely loves is drawing and coloring.  She will sometimes communicate in one-syllable words, spoken extremely quietly, but otherwise her drawings are her top method of communicating.  Whenever a craft happened during summer camp, Laura was always the last one to depart from the table, and usually the one who worked most seriously.  A set of markers and a piece of paper are enough to keep her occupied, productive and happy for hours!



Outdoor activities, two of which are pictured above, are another favorite of Laura’s.  Sometimes the rules of the more organized games escaped her, but she still loved to participate.  Swimming was a first for her, and her face when she first got into the pool was one to remember!  Nervous giggling turned into genuine laughter, then Laura splashed around for more than an hour without pause.


This is a girl who a few short months ago was living in a ward for special needs children, generally sitting silently in a corner. 

Laura represents one more life Living Hope International has been able to change, and we look forward to seeing where life brings this precious child.

Thank you to every sponsor and donor who have helped us to accomplish our mission over and over again!  We cannot wait to bring hope to countless more orphans in China.